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tinnitus sound therapy

Our therapy consists of a set of personalised acoustic treatments that are adapted to your tinnitus.

You may also associate them with practical relaxation and controlled breathing exercises .
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Recent scientific work from various countries has shown that hearing-sensory cell damage causes neurons to synchronize by compensating mechanism, which will recreate the hearing sensation of the harmed frequency: it is the tinnitus.

It is therefore logical to hear as tinnitus the frequency(s) for which our ear has a hearing loss, even if sometimes minimal, and whatever the cause of the said loss.

tinnitus audio treatment
tinnitus audio therapy

According to scientific works carried out  in Muenster, Germany, tinnitus may be reduced until stopped by appropriate musical processing to correct the misbehavior of your hearing system.
This technique is called ‘Notched Audio Therapy’, aka. N.A.T..

Here are a summary and the full article.

It was theorised and then validated in Germany by a series of real-world tests which showed a significant and continuous improvement in the perception of tinnitus in three quarters of the patients treated.

The same technique is used by a Siemens subsidiary specialising in the manufacture of active audio prostheses. They combine active audio aid with built-in personalised notched audio therapy.

Our therapy includes two types of audio extracts, which are designed to be used in a complementary way.

Therapeutic Sounds are designed to “reeducate” your hearing system and thus reduce and treat your tinnitus.

They are the heart of the therapy.

Specifically, they consist of random suites of discontinuous sounds, of different duration and frequency – or tonality – so that it is impossible for your brain and hearing system to get used to them and predict them.

This opposition between the tinnitus generally perceived in a continuous and identical way and the aftermath of discontinuous and unpredictable sound in duration and tone is one of the keys to the functioning of our therapy.

tinnitus therapeutic sounds
tinnitus audio cure

On the other hand, the sounds played are linked to the frequency of your tinnitus, according to the principles defined by the N.A.T.: this means that there is a physical and mathemathical relationship between the sounds played and your tinnitus;

Finally, sounds in a frequency band centered around the frequency of your tinnitus are filtered and therefore reduced or eliminated so that the corresponding energy is removed.

It is the regular listening of these therapeutic sounds that will gradually reduce the misfunctioning of your hearing system that produces the tinnitus.

Ambient Sounds, which reproduce natural sound environments are also parts of the treatment.

These sounds are intended to have a calming or masking effect on your tinnitus, allowing you to turn it into the background, to pay less attention to it and thus to make it more bearable.

tinnitus sound wave therapy
audio treatment for chronic tinnitus

However, these sounds are also worked and adapted according to the frequency of your tinnitus, in accordance with the principles of the Notched Audio Therapy.

In consequence, and beyond their calming effect, they also have a certain therapeutic function and are designed and worked for your tinnitus to actively participate in its reduction/disappearance.

The first step in the therapy is to accurately identify the frequency of your Tinnitus;
Personalized therapeutic sounds will from there be created and filtered to eliminate energy in the frequencies ranges surrounding the tinnitus.
It is their regular listening that will lead your hearing system to gradually reduce the parasite activity that creates the tinnitus.

tinnitus & relaxation
As a complement, you may try our relaxation and breathing control exercises.

Simple, practical and effective, they accompany your audio therapy with another dimension.

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How to use the player

First be sure to place yourself in a quiet environment.

Use a headphone; you should only hear your tinnitus and the frequency test.

Play the synthesizer ( PLAY / PAUSE) and adjust the volume to your convenience – ideally at the same level as the perception of your tinnitus.

In the case where you would have several tinnitus, focus on the one you most perceive.

Then vary the frequency using the previous / next arrows, until you find the frequency that best matches your tinnitus.

Do not hesitate to pause / play the sound in order to compare better.

Take your time to be as sure as possible.

Frequency range of the tool goes from 78Hz (D#1) up to 9956Hz (D#8).
The frequency area covered represents 7 octaves.
If you are not familiar with these concepts, we invite you to read our post dedicated to Frequencies and Decibels.